“And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. . .”

Revelation 1:17a

     It only takes on glimpse.

     “And when I saw Him.”

     We talk much about this Man from Galilee with healing in His Hands.  We quote Scriptures of His teachings and promises.  We even write songs about Him and His power to change lives.


     But, the question is “Do we really know Him?”

     Or, “Have we really seen Him?”

     If so, we can never be the same again.


     Do you see Him there in your home as the Unseen Guest, Who longs to be Host. . .listening to every conversation. . .looking over your shoulder at the things you read, the programs you watch on t.v. and the computer. . .the letters and e-mails you write, etc.?


     Do you see Him there riding quietly beside you in the car as you go to work, listening to your conversations on the cell phone and watching your reaction when the guy cuts you off in traffic or grabs the parking space you were headed toward?


     Do you see Him during worship, eavesdropping on your thoughts as you sing those songs of praise and listen to the message?  Do you see Him hearing those critical words you mutter under your breath about someone else or those words of gossip about someone else?


     Do you see Him in the middle of the night standing beside your bed when you wake from a dead sleep. . .or find sleep hard to come by?  Do you see Him as He slips in beside you, puts His arm around you and holds you close as those hot tears of grief or regret flow down your cheeks?


     Do you see Him drawing near to you in that difficult time when everything’s falling apart and your long-cherished dreams suddenly come crashing down on the hard rocks of  reality?  Do you see Him weeping with you when that loved one has died and you stand at the grave not wanting to leave?


     Do you see Him there, Pilgrim?

     If so, you know why John said “I fell at His feet as dead.”

     When we really, really see Him, like Isaiah our initial reaction is “Woe is me, for I am undone, because I am a man/woman/boy/girl of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips—for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts” (Is. 6:5).


     Thankfully, He says “Fear not” (Rev. 1:17b).

     And, thankfully instead of sending a winged creature from the Heavenly altar (Is. 6:6-7) He points to the earthly one at Calvary instead and says “Forgiven.”

     Yes, do you see Him there, Pilgrim?  If so, “fall down even now at His feet as dead”—and then feel Him raising you up with His nail- scarred Hand and saying “Fear not; follow Me.”

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated February 9, 2o10

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