Fishing in the aquarium is probably a saying that you already heard among the pastors. It simply means, pastors don’t go out to evangelize the lost so that they may receive Christ and have salvation. Instead, they attract and sometimes intentionally convince a talented or a wealthy member of another Church to transfer to their Church.

True or not, how many members of your Church transferred to another Church for the reason that they have better facilities, they have better preachers, they have better programs, they have air condition rooms? And when they transferred, have you heard back from the pastors of these Churches where your members went? I guess, pastoral etiquette is not too common these days among pastors in the evangelical block.

I have had several incidents like this when some of our members transferred to another evangelical Church because of conflict. In one incident, one of our Church leaders (imagine even our Church leader) approached by one of the leaders of an evangelical Church and told her that they are praying for her to be a part of their ministry work force. When I heard that, I feel so alarmed and these big Churches are trying to lure our leaders to be a part of their Church. Can they not train their own leaders?

Remember, pastoral ministry is not about fishing in the aquarium. It is about taking care of the flock and growing those flock God gave you.

What did you do when you had this experience?


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