The following errors are just my personal observation and to what we have learned from our study about speaking in tongues.

They Require All Members To Speak In Tongues

Many churches especially in many pentecostal churches, require their member to speak in tongues. In fact, my brother had a brief debate with one pentecostal friend who says that it is a must for every christian to speak in tongues since it is a manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

As we have learned, it is the Holy Spirit who gives different gifts to each one “as he determines”. This simply means that acquiring the gift of the Holy Spirit is beyond our control since it is given as a gift and as the Holy Spirit determines.

They Speak In Tongues All Together At The Same Time

We will talk a whole chapter of propriety in worship later. But I believe that this point is obviously in contrast to what we have learned. Based on the things that I personally witnessed and for the things that can be seen on the internet and televisions, it is very important to note that many christians have neglected propriety in worship.

Most often, these people say that there is an uncontrollable power that engulfs their body. Some of them fell asleep and do things which are unnatural. And when they wake up, they claim that they don’t know what just happened.

First, God is a God of order and of peace. As we have learned, the Bible always promote orderliness in worship. This is very true even at the very beginning as he gives instruction to people. Some good examples is when He gave instructions to Noah in building the Ark and in building the Tabernacle.

Secondly, it doesn’t mean that we are filled by the Holy Spirit that we can no longer be aware and control our physical being. Being filled by the Holy Spirit means that the Holy Spirit is at works in our lives which is visible through natural behavior, actions, and words which is in contrast to the uncontrollable, unknown to us and unnatural behavior, actions and words of someone who claims to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

They Speak In Tongues Without Interpreter

Paul have clearly stated in our study that it is very important to have an interpreter when we speak in tongues publicly or else speaking in tongues will be of no value but a noise, and better to keep silent and talk to God privately.

I have personally witnessed a christian coming from a pentecostal group who lead the congregation in singing in one of the joint service that we have attended. And in the middle of our worship, he then began speaking in tongues without an interpreter. I certainly don’t understand what he is saying and I am really puzzled why many charismatic christians do that when the Bible speaks clearly in orderliness of worship and how speaking in tongues should be treated.

They Speak In Tongues In An Uncontrollable Way

Have you ever witness a church that speak in tongues all at the same time, and suddenly about 50%-80% of the people goes uncontrollable and began doing weird things like unstopable laughing, jumping, rolling on the floor, running in circles, lying on the floor while weeping, some fell on the floor and went to sleep while saying things of unknown language?

I tried searching over the net and I really have seen actual footages of these circumstances.

The only questions that I have in my mind is that, does the Holy Spirit sometimes literally takes over the direct control of our body? As far as our study is concern, there is no such thing as literally taking over our body, but an empowernment for us to do something that we know and we are aware of. And I think this is the hardest thing to believe by those christians who do not practice speaking of tongues.

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