Blessed To Be A Blessing talks about a life living to become a blessing. God blessed us not only to enrich ourselves but to become a blessing to others.

In this ebook, I tackled about the significance of the word “Give” and other related words in accordance to the Bible. The Bible speaks about lots of things about giving. And sometimes, the only thing that hinders God’s blessing is our unwillingness to be a blessing.

We always pray for a blessed life. But only few people pray to become a blessing to others. This ebook will give us a clear view of a life full of blessings..

I also talked about God’s original plan for all people and its purpose.

There are underlying benefits of living a life to be a blessing. And I also enlisted the steps in becoming a blessing.

Ready to Discover The Secret of God’s Economy?

“Blessed to Be a Blessing” is NOT:

  • A get rich scheme.
  • A new Christian business.
  • A “No Money, No Faith” prosperity gospel.

It is about…

Following God’s Word.

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