Get Totally FREE Sermon Outlines and Step-by Step Guide on How You Can Further Develop It

Are you looking for FREE sermon outlines? You came to the right place. I send out totally free sermon outlines. But what does it differ from others? Other sermon outlines that you can get from the internet are NOT FREE to DEVELOP. You cannot use it as it is or you will face plagiarism and copyright issues. While my sermon outlines are FREE to use, free to develop and you will not face copyright issues.

It’s sermon outline PLUS sermon making tutorial.  So, you will not only get free outlines, but you are going to learn how to make them as well.

Free Sermon Outlines
PLUS PLUS PLUS!!!  I give you tips on how to make and develop your own and I will give you some other materials along the way that you can definitely use in your ministry.


You will get:

  • Free sermon outlines where you will not have to worry about plagiarism. It’s my personal sermon outlines made for the past twelve years of experience.
  • Freedom to develop the sermon outlines to contextualize it in your own situation.
  • Freedom to use it where ever or when ever you need it.
  • Freedom to develop it and produce your own teaching materials.
  • Ste-by-step way on how you can effectively improve it and use it in your context.
  • And much much more…


It’s free because I want other people to read it, as simple as that. The more people to read or to hear it, the better.
Are you sure no copyrights infringement if I use it?
I will not send you sermon outlines that I did not made. It means, it’s mine. I am the one who made it and I am giving you a right to use it if you are my reader or follower. Plain and simple. But please, I’m only referring to outlines I send via email. Some blog posts are also excerpts. So be careful. To be safe, you have to sign up requesting that you get it.
So, I will develop another one out of it, can I use my name as Author?
Absolutely yes.  Develop it further more and put your name on it. No problem at all. You also don’t have to write to me asking my permission for rights. I already gave it. It’s yours. But, again… “develop” something new out of it. Remember that it’s not ONLY you who are using these sermon outlines. You will not want another duplicate of your “claimed” work right?

And no worries, I will teach you more of it.

Can I print it and use it in my church?
Yes, you can print it. I also send “manuscripts” occasionally which you can also print without a problem for copyrights. Although, most of my sermon manuscripts are for a small price, still I see to it that the pricing is fair and is a LOT cheaper than that you will face of copyright infringements or buying a material in bulk.
Who is Vince and why should I should sign up?
I am a pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in the Philippines. I finished M. Divinity in Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary and is pastoring for the past 12 years.  I’m deeply engage in ministry and one of my causes is using internet technology in spreading God’s word. Plain and simple.

Feel free to review my “Statement of Faith” for my doctrinal stands. Remember, I am a Christian and uphold Christian values and teachings.

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