From God Above by Hillsong United (with chords and lyrics) is about the Father’s only Son that came from above who saved our soul and made us new.Mighty To Save by Hillsong

From God Above by Hillsong United is from the album “United we Stand” and “Mighty to Save”.

God is Good – is a praise song praising God about how good He is in us. He is always there for us and walks by our side all the time.

God so Loved – is about God who loved the world that he gave His only Son, who has risen from the dead and lifted up.

Awesome God – is a short worship song that tells our Lord how awesome he is.

From God Above

by Hillsong United

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Fm  Db  Bb  Eb  Fm  Db  Bb

Verse 1:
Fm   Db          Bb
As I look at the world
    Eb          Fm      Db
I begin to dream of the future
Bb               Fm
What’s yet to be
      Db      Bb        Eb
Your love so strong for everyone
Fm   Db        Bb            Db
You made us all in Your image

And You saved the day
     Ab        Eb
When Jesus came
And You took away all my sin and shame
And You made us right again

Bbm           Ab       Eb
You came from God above
             Fm      Db
The Father’s only Son
Saved my soul
Made me new
                  Cm  Db (Cm 3rd time around)
Now I live for You

Verse 2:
Fm  Db       Bb
My heart is alive
       Eb         Fm       Db
and my spirit free, In the Saviour
Bb                  Fm
Gave His life for me
        Db            Bb      Eb
By Your Word, We will be the light of the world
Fm   Db     Bb                Db
My Father shine Your light in me

Db  Ab

I’ll stand on the Word
Be a light in the world
When Your praises are heard
We’ll be singing

Fm  Db  Bb  Eb  Fm  Db  Bb

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