“He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying unto the churches.”

Revelation 3:22

The Lord God spoke to Samuel that night

As he lay upon his bed,

And although at first he didn’t recognize His Voice

This is what he said:

“Speak, Lord, I’m listening,”

The child so young did say,

“I know You’re wanting to share with me

So speak to me, I pray.”

And, speak to him the Lord surely did

As He said “Come follow Me.”

He told the lad He’d guide his steps

Even in those times he could not see.

The “secret” in this is having an ear

That is attentive when the Lord does call;

It’s being willing to go wherever He leads

And entrust to Him our life and all.

Though storm-clouds may gather

And tempt us to doubt and fear,

By listening to His calming, still, small Voice

We’ll always have peace and good cheer.

His Voice is so tender—

So loving and so kind.

And, it’s when we trust Him as our Shepherd

That we’ll leave all our worries behind.

Yes, “Speak Lord, I’m listening”

Should be our response each day;

That way we’ll never entertain doubts and fears,

Regardless of what comes our way.

And, in those times when the road is dark

And the path is rocky and steep,

Continue to say “Speak, Lord, I’m listening—

For Your Will is what I do seek.”

–Tom Smith

Morning Manna Dated September 1, 2010

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