“This is that Bread which came down from Heaven—not as your fathers did eat manna and are dead.  He that eats of this Bread shall live forever.”

John 6:58

While wandering in the wilderness

The children of Israel did cry:

“Give us food to eat and water to drink

Lest we grow weak and assuredly do die.”

So from the Storehouse in Heaven

The Father sent quails and much bread;

They called the sweet wafer “Manna,”

And it came just like the Lord had said.

For 40 years the Manna never failed—

Until they reached the Promised Land;

And they knew the Lord was faithful

By providing for them from His bountiful Hand.

But one day from Heaven there came One Sent

As God’s Anointed from up Above;

He came with one Message and Mission:

To show the Father’s great Love.

He came to those who were thirsty

And said “Come drink from My Well;”

To those who were hungry He said “Take eat—

For My Bread is different, as anyone can tell.”

Yes, Jesus, God’s Son, is the Bread of Life

Sent down to hungering souls;

He came to save us from our sins

Just as the prophets of old so surely foretold.

All those who partake of this One God sent

Will find Him their all-in-all;

Their hungering will cease and their joy will increase

As upon His Holy Name they do call.

“Come now to the Table prepared for you,”

The Bread of Life does say,

“Find in Me what you’ve always sought,

For I Am God’s Truth, the Life and the Way.”

–Tom Smith

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