“For You have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears and my feet from falling.”

Psalm 116:8

His “rescue” is always on time and gives us what we need when we need it.

Picture yourself, if you will, in the 10th floor of a burning building. The clanging alarms had awakened you from your sleep and the smell of smoke filled your nostrils and eyes as you realized your building was on fire.

Quickly, you rush to the door to escape the raging inferno, but one touch reveals it scalding hot from the flames outside in the hallway. So, you race to the bathroom, grab a bunch of towels, soak them in water and then run back to the door and place them at the bottom to keep the acrid smoke from entering your room.

By this time panic is welling up inside of you as you realize you have no avenue of escape. Then, you spy the window, run to it frantically and open it wide. The cold air from outside initially makes you gasp, but you’re glad to have a temporary reprieve from the ever-increasing black smoke in your room.

You stick your head outside and think about jumping; but the sight of the small cars and people some 10 stories below makes you realize doing so would surely be your death sentence.

So, you look to your right and then to your left for a ledge. Memories of folks in movies escaping from sure death by perching on such cross your mind.

But, alas, there is no ledge.

And, it would seem there is no hope.

But, suddenly, from above you hear a voice crying out, “I’m coming!”

At first, you think it’s only wishful thinking on your part; but, again, growing louder this time, is that same voice saying, “Hold on! I’m coming for you!!”

So quickly you look up—and there. . .about two stories above your window. . .is a fireman being lowered in a harness in your direction. And, in a matter of seconds he’s there—right in front of you—with arms outstretched, crying “Come, get into my arms and I’ll take you to safety.”

Even though you’re deathly afraid of heights, you know he’s your only hope. Your only means of escape.

And, without hesitation you lean out the window into his strong and waiting arms. And, just as quickly you’re whisked upward to the safety of the roof and then led to safety.

What would be your reaction to this? Gratitude? Great joy? Free-flowing tears?

Would you let the fireman know? Assuredly you would. And, dear Pilgrim, in reality, that’s exactly what the Heavenly Father does for us in Christ: He “delivers our souls from death, our eyes from tears and our feet from falling.” Aren’t you glad? Why not tell Him right now?

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated May 2, 2010

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