“By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better Testament.” 

Hebrews 7:22

In Him we need never wonder if there’s a loophole or hidden clause in the fine print.

“You have My Word on it.”

That’s the bottom-line essence of today’s Manna that describes Jesus as being “made a surety of a better Testament.”  The Greek word “eugguos” is used here for “surety” and basically means “a pledge, bondsman, a fixed position, time or state, etc.”  Or, in more common terms, “God’s Guarantee.”

Now we’re all familiar with warranties and “money-back guarantees.”

They state what the manufacturer is willing to do if the product is found defective or the customer dissatisfied.  However, most likely, we all know how difficult it is sometimes to get satisfaction when wanting the product repaired or returned—causing us to say “Their warranty or guarantee’s not worth the paper it’s written on!”

Why is that?

Simply because the one/company giving them is untrustworthy.

But, such will never be the case with the Lord God, dear Pilgrim!  He’s faithful. . .will not/cannot lie. . .and will never behave in a whimsical or capricious manner (I Cor. 10:13; Heb. 6:18; James 1:17).

Aren’t you glad?  Hallelujah!!

Yes, “because God could swear by no greater, He swore by Himself” (Heb. 6:13).  And, to further substantiate this He “confirmed it by an oath, desiring to WILLINGLY MORE ABUNDANTLY show unto the heirs of promise (the saved/redeemed) the immutability (Grk. ‘ametathetos’—‘unchangeable, immovable, unbreakable, never changing sides or turning away, etc.’) of His counsel” (Heb. 6:17).

Simply put, when Jesus came. . .died an agonizing death on the Cross. . .suffered as no one else ever will suffer. . .He became “the surety of a better Testament/Covenant.”  Even though there’d been five other covenants—the Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic and Davidic—the Final, New Covenant was/is the Covenant of Grace that’s based upon Jesus’ Blood and “endless Life” (Heb. 7:16).

Aren’t you glad??

Therefore, you never need to look for another prophet to point you to God or give you some latter-day revelation from Him; neither do you need to find a priest/preacher to go to God on your behalf since Jesus is “THE Mediator between God and man” (Heb. 12:1-2a; I Tim. 2:5).  And, neither do you need anyone else to tell you how to live your life—not when Jesus, the “Final King,” is even now “sitting at the right Hand of the Majesty on High where He ever lives to make intercession for us” (Heb. 1:3; 7:24-25; 12:2c).

Base your life on Christ, dear Pilgrim; He’s “Faith’s True Foundation” (Mt. 7:24-27).  In so doing you’ll live in His calm, Blessed Assurance and say “Oh, how sweet it/He is!”  Glory!!

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated February 15, 2011

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