God Is Good by Hillsong (with chords and lyrics) is a praise song praising God about how good He is in us. He is always there for us and walks by our side all the time.

God Is Good by Hillsong is from the album “Shout to The Lord 2000”.

Awesome – is a short worship song that tells our Lord how awesome he is.

Greatest Gift – is about the great gift of His salvation which is a life giving taste of heaven, His Kindness.

God Is Good

by Hillsong

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         D           Bm
God is good all the time
            G                      A
He puts a song of praise in this heart of mine
         D           Bm
God is good all the time
               G               A          A7
through the darkest night His light will shine
        G            A7           D
God is good, God is good all the time

Verse 1

           D                     Bm
if you're walking through the valley
                  G          A
and there are shadows all around
         A             Bm
do not fear, He will guide you
          G                 A
He will keep you safe and sound
              G                A
for He has promised to never leave you
nor forsake you
         A        A7
and His word is true

Verse 2 (do verse 1 chords)

we are sinners, so unworthy
and for us He choose to die
filled us with His Holy Spirit
now we can testify
that His love is everlasting
and His mercy, they will never end

         Bm             A
though i may not understand
      C                G
the plans You have for me
    Bm              A
my life is in Your hand
and in the eyes of faith
i can clearly see...

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