“For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord and He ponders all his goings.”

Proverbs 5:21

It matters not where I go in life

Or the things I say and do,

There’s always One Who’s watching me

And listening to what I say, too.

When I’m driving down the highway

Or talking down to a brother,

His All-Seeing Eyes are watching me

And how I treat all others.

In private or in public

His unseen Presence is there,

To see if I’m acting as Jesus would

In my victories or times of despair.

He listens to my tone of voice

And knows the secret motives of my heart;

That’s why I should always seek to bridle my tongue

Right from the very start.

He knows if I am loving

Or if I’m cruel to other folks—

And He watches to see if I honor Him

When I’m irritated or provoked.

There’s not a time when He’s not around,

In every situation in life;

That’s why we must always seek to follow Him

In our joys or in our strife.

Yes, all our ways are ever before Him

From sunrise to day’s end;

May His Spirit guide our steps in all we do

So we’ll always honor Jesus, our Best Friend.

That stranger whom we meet today

May seem like any other;

But we never know when it might be Jesus Himself

Who’ll say, “Why that was Me, your Brother!”

–Tom Smith

Morning Manna July 1, 2010

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