“Come. . .”

Matthew 11:28a

It is simple in tone and sublime in experience.

Never has there been a more beautiful invitation than this one, captured in a single word: “Come.” We know the word itself implies a moving from one place to another; otherwise the One speaking would have said “Stay. Stay where you are.”

But, He said “Come.”

And, with this one word a whole new world opens unto us. . .especially when we remember Who’s doing the inviting. Glory!!

Yes, to “come” means to change locations. And, by the fact it is an invitation would imply a “being drawn to,” not “driven toward.” Grammatically, it is an implied command, although, again, the decision to do so still rests with the one who’s being invited. Always remember the One inviting is the Perfect Gentleman and “stands at the door and knocks” (Rev. 3:20), but will never force His way into the parlor of one’s heart.

So, again, the Invitation is “to draw near” (James 4:8a).

And, the assurance is “when you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you” (James 4:8b). Isn’t this a wonderful promise, Pilgrim?

Assuredly it is. Hallelujah!!

Yet, even with such a gracious Invitation, there still is so often a hesitancy or reluctance to accept it. Why is that?

Simply because of fear. Or, guilt and shame. Or doubt. Or pride.

Fear of the “unknown”—i.e., “What will He require?” or “What will I have to give up?”

Guilt and shame over past or present sins: “I’m so unworthy. I’ve failed so many times. I’m too sinful for Him to forgive me because I’ve done so many things wrong—many times knowing they were wrong even before doing them.”

Doubt (a cousin of Fear): Doubt because of unbelief. Doubt in ourselves. And, in reality, doubt as to God’s reality and trustworthiness.

And, do not forget the greatest stronghold of all: Pride. Pride in one’s sufficiency. Pride in one’s capability. A refusal to “humble one’s self” and admit our need of Him.

Even so, this all-seeing Savior still says “Come.”

“Come as you are. Come with your fears. . .your guilt and shame. . .your doubts. . .and your pride. My Love will cast our your fears as you realize My steadfast Grace and Mercy. My Blood will cleanse you from your guilt and shame, helping you to rest in what I’ve done, not what you’ve done. My Presence and Promises will calm your doubts. And, one glimpse of My Glory will cause you to surrender your pride as you realize your utter need of Me.”

Do you hear Him calling your name this morning, Pilgrim? “Be still and listen” (Ps. 46:10). Listen with your heart, not your head. In the quietness of the moment He’s whispering “Come. Come to Me. Commune with Me. Rest in Me. I’m here. Waiting. Longing for your fellowship. Come. And, if you can’t come, I’ll come to you.”

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