A Sermon On House Dedication


It is very important that in every home there should always be a ruler. And as Christians, there is no other better ruler than Jesus Christ himself. Today, we will be learning how God is suppose to rule over his children. We will not only be dedicating a house, but the home itself where God rules.

A house That is Ruled By God Is House Where…

The wife submits to her husband. This is where the wife gives the authority to her husband to rule over her and the whole family. God’s design is for the man rule over his house. This is what God commanded his people to do.

In contrast to what world is teaching now, there are some homes that no longer follow the design of God. Instead, it is the woman who rules the house. And still in some cases, the woman rules the house because she has no husband, but have children.

The husband loves his wife. The husband should love his wife as he loves himself. If the husband loves to be fed, then he should also fed his wife and his family. He should learn to provide what his family needs. He should learn to protect them as Jesus gave his life for the Church.

The children obey their parents. Children are suppose to obey their parents not because it was one of the commandments but because this is right. This is noble in the eyes of God and in the eyes of men. The Bible is even clear that this is the first commandment that has a promise.

It is also rightful for the children to obey their parents for it through their parents that they were brought out in this world. The children owe them their lives.

The parents disciplines and upbring their children in Christian way. Parents are not to abuse their children, instead they are to upbring their children in godly ways. In contrast to what the world is doing, we are to teach our children in obeying God. Many parents are now teaching their children how they should strive hard even at the expense of others. But we as Christians should teach our children on how to be helpful in every way.

In addition to this, we should not exasperate our children. We should not put them in harms way. We should think on how we can help them and upbring them with good moral values. We as parents have to learn how to be good parents and not to be an example of vices.

The servants obey and love their masters. Some of us are employed to a certain job. In this passage, it also teaches us that we have to be obedient to our masters. We are to desire to please them. We are to be faithful to them whether or not their eyes are upon us.

The masters respect and treat their servants as brothers in the Lord. For the masters, we are not to be rude witho our servants. Instead we are to treat them as our brothers and sisters in the Lord for we too are servants in the eyes of the Lord.

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