Homosexuals Twists The Bible

I have seen a movie clip in YouTube justifying homosexuality as Biblically allowed and that the Bible did not directly condemned homosexuality. It was a funny but the video is completely a LIE, giving hope for the homosexuals to satisfy their cravings for truths in the Bible to go to their side.

As far as I see the video, this is by far twisting the word of God to FIT their own perspective. By the way, I do not condemn homosexuals for their being hungry of the truths from the Bible and to see that the Bible allows homosexuality because the fact is, the Bible is really against homosexuality.

Homosexuals interprets and continuously penetrating God’s word to satisfy their own cravings. They are trying to create analogy and bring you to a point where you will really have to them agree. As I try to watch the video, I really felt Satan is talking to me convincing me to believe that Homosexuality is Biblically allowed.

But the words of the true God cannot be twisted and is like two edged sword that even cuts through the bone marrows and our flesh (from the book of Hebrews).

Homosexuals like many of us who are sinful and are living in sin tries to justify our sinful actions by looking for a passage where we can create our own personal conclusions to agree with our sins. By the way, Satan quoted wisely in the Old Testament passages when he had a talk with Jesus in the dessert (Matthew 4). I would really say that the same is what the homosexuals are doing.

I would admit that we cannot judge whether or not someone is going to hell. This is true with the homosexuals. We cannot really say if they are really going to hell or not for it is God’s job to do it and not ours. But the sad thing here is that homosexuals continuously live in their sinful actions without repentance.

If you are a homosexual who are reading this post, yes, you are right in saying that we cannot judge you. It is because it is only you and Jesus who knows your personal relationship to Christ and how you followed his commands and how you place your trust in Him. But guess what, it might be you who are placing judgment for your self. May you read the Bible in a way that God wants you to reflect on it and not to justify our sinful nature.

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