I PROMISE by Jaci Velasquez With Lyrics and Chords

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This song is the theme song of True Love Waits (TLW). Here’s a short video of her interview about True Love Waits.


E Aadd9 B7
Lord, You know my   he art
E Aadd9 B7
And all my   desi res
C#min7 G#min7 Aadd9 E
And the  secret  things,  I’ll never  tell
F#min7 B7
Lord, You  know them well

Verse 2

E Aadd9 B7
Though I may be  you ng
E Aadd9 B7
I see and  under stand
C#min7 G#min7 Aadd9 E
That at  times like  sheep  we go  astray
F#min7 B7
And  things get out of hand


Aadd9 E B7 Aadd9 B7 E
So I  pro mise  to be  true  to  You
Aadd9 E
To  live my life in  purity
F#min7 B7
As  unto  You
Aadd9 E B7
Waiting  for   the  day
Aadd9 B7 E
When I  hear  You   say
Aadd9 E
Here  is the one I  have created

F#min7 B7 E
Just  for   you

Repeat Intro

Verse 3

E Aadd9 B7
Until then oh  Lo rd
E Aadd9 B7
I will be   con  tent
C#min7 G#min7
Knowing  that true  love
Aadd9 E
Will  come some   day
F#min7 B7
It will  only come from  You


C#min7 G#min7
‘Cause I have seen the  suffering
Aadd9 E
That  loneliness can   cause
C#min7 G#min7 Aadd9
When we choose to  give our love  away
Without a rightous  cause

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Intro

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