A man in Miss Universe? What? Why would I watch a beauty pageant intended for REAL, AUTHENTIC WOMEN invaded by REAL AUTHENTIC MEN? Silly world! Historical, yes, but it is also one of the worst immoral acts of mankind. With all due respect to transgenders, we respect the rights of each one of you as human beings, but please also respect us as normal human beings. We don’t want “Men” in beauty contests such as Miss Universe and Miss Earth.Jenna Talackova Transgender

You have all the opportunity and rights to create your own beauty pageant. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t cross the line. Respect our rights that we do not want to applaud men for their beauty. Whatever you say, transgender beauty is NOT NATURAL – it’s artificial, man made.

As a pastor, I think this is crossing the line. It’s too much. I can’t stand watching the news. A Christian will never applaud for this. There’s just too much immorality.

Calling all Christians! Pray pray pray so that you may not fall. It doesn’t mean that because the world loves it, you have to love it too. Stand firm and do what is right. This is our mandate. I know this Miss Universe issue is a small thing among you since not many of you are fan of Miss Universe. But if we do not condone this thing, this will be like allowing sin to crawl in your backyard until such time it gains a hold on you.

Ecclesiastes 12:13 “Fear God and obey His commands for this is the whole duty of man!”

We are neither defaming nor discriminating transgenders. But Miss Universe losses its essence as a competition for “NATURAL BORN WOMEN”. Transgenders ARE NOT NATURAL BORN WOMEN. They are man-made choices. No matter how much you change yourselves, YOU ARE STILL MEN. God made you to be men. God gave you that gift; you just chose to refuse that gift.

So I guess Christians should stand against their right to leave a legacy to their children of valuing authenticity of genders. I know, people will react against this. But if you are a Christian, I encourage you to like this post to tell the world that we want to make this loud and clear, we are pro to righteousness.

Say NO to the sin of homosexuality!

Donald Trump, you made your BIGGEST mistake. Time will come that your Miss Universe will be Miss Gay Universe. And by that time only sinful men will appreciate your beauty contest. You gained applause among the liberals, but you offended people like us.

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