I Will Sing by Don Moen With Chords and Lyrics

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Verse 1
Lord You seem so far away
    F                C            G
 A million miles or more it feels today
And though I haven’t lost my faith
 F                   C                  G
I must confess right now that it’s hard for me to pray

Pre chorus:
Cause I don’t know what to say
And I don’t know where to start
But as You give the grace
With all that’s in my heart

I will sing
I will pray
Even in my darkest hour
             F          G
Through the sorrow and pain

I will sing
I will pray
          Am          G
Lift my hands to honour You
 F                 G
Because Your word is true
I will sing

Verse 2 same chords

Lord it’s hard for me to see

All the thoughts and plans you have for me

But I will put my trust in You

Knowing that You died to set me free

Repeat pre chorus with:
But I don’t know what to say…………….

Repeat chorus

Finally end with “I will sing”

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