If We’ve Ever Needed You

by Casting Crowns

Beanman 2009
D         A            D
Hear our cry, Lord we pray.
      A                    D
Our Faces Down, our hands are raised
D                 A              G
You’ve called us out, we turned away.
We turned away.

D                 A                D
With Shipwrecked faith, the idols rise.
                 A                 D
We do what is right, in our own eyes.
D             A                 G
Our children now will pay the price,
                A                      D
We need Your light, Lord, Shine Your light.

D                 A                  G
If we’ve ever needed you, Lord it’s now.
Lord it’s now.
D                    A
We are desperate for your hand,
                G                   A
We’re reaching out. We’re reaching out.
D          A               D
All our hearts, all our strength.
               A                    D
With all our minds, we’re at Your feet.
D                 A                      G
May Your kingdom come in our hearts and minds.
Let Your church arise, Let
your church arise.


F#m  G   A                 F#m G   A  B  Dadd9  D
      We’re Reaching out.


    D        A     D        A       D        A
We Need you now. Revive us now. We need You now.

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