Small group worship needs to be practiced during these follow-up sessions. In the 1st section, give them plenty of time for prayer, singing, fellowship, AND to check the fulfillment of their assignments. Keep reminding them to obey God’s word. They will only be faithful to do their assignments if they know they know you will be faithful to check or inspect their assignments. No one wants to be embarrassed by not having done their assignment. The stricter you are with them, the more they will obey what the Bible says. Let them share what God is showing them or teaching them in their daily . “Quiet Time.” They need to be sharing/teaching each story/lesson to someone else as a part of their regular assignment.

Lesson 1: The Disciple’s Hand (Overview and the Indwelling Christ)

Spiritual Emphasis: An overview of the Disciple’s Hand presentation (taken from “The Survival Kit”) and helping the believers understand their new relationship with Christ. Strengthen their assurance of salvation. This is the first teaching on prayer.

Lesson Plan: Tell as interesting as possible. Use your hand as an illustration of the basic spiritual truths needed to give a new Christian a firm foundation.

The Disciple’s Hand Presentation : [Have them memorize this, any order as long as its all there. Keep the “Palm” as the “In-dwelling Christ.”] 1 Body; 2 Natures; 3 Aspects of Salvation; 4 Sources of Authority; 5 & 5 Principle of witnessing; and the Palm of the hand = the Indwelling Christ. We will memorize this forwards and backwards. We will study it in reverse or countdown order.

So first is the Palm: The Christ Who Lives within. Read 1 John 4:13-15. Because you have accepted Jesus as your Lord, the Bible says that God abides in you and you in God. You are saved. This is your situation now.

Verse 13 said that we abide or live in Him and He in us. We know this is true because He has given us his Spirit.

Read Col. 1:27. The Hope of Glory or the mystery/secret that no one understood until this time, is that Christ, God Almighty Himself, would live with and inside people, His creation.

Read Ephesians 1:13-14. It says the Holy Spirit is a deposit, guaranteeing our inheritance. Can you rest assured if there is a strong guarantee like this? (personal answer the expected answer is “yes”.)

6. Read John 14:16-17. We are given the Spirit of Truth or the Holy Spirit. How long will he be with us according to v. 16? (forever)

7. Read 1 John 5:12-15. If Jesus is living in us, we have life. We have the Son of God living in us. And according to verse 14, how can we be confident in approaching God in prayer? (If we ask anything according to His will, he hears us.)

Prayer is talking with God. God speaks to us through his word, and through his Holy Spirit. We speak to God through prayer.

God seeks an intimate love relationship with you, his creation. People grow closer together as they spend time together talking and sharing. The same is true of our relationship with God. We must spend time with Him.

10. The “Lord’s Prayer” that Jesus gave us is a model prayer, not to memorize, but to follow the pattern.

Our Father in Heaven – recognize your relationship

Hallowed be your name – give Him praise and glory

Your kingdom come,

Your will be done on – submit yourself to God and His Earth as it is in Heaven will

Give us this day our daily bread -ask for your needs

Forgive us our debts – confess your sins to God and ask forgiveness

as we forgive our debtors – forgive others. Don’t carry a grudge.

And lead us not into – ask for guidance


but deliver us from evil – ask for protection

Do you understand this lesson? Are there any questions?

Have them practice the lesson.

Verse to Memorize: “We know that we live in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit.” 1 John 4:13

How To Obey: Everyone should leave with full assurance that God/Christ is living in them. Make sure there are no doubts. If needed, have them write the date and time they asked Jesus to be their savior instead of themselves. Have them share this story with 3 people this week. Encourage them to be sharing all the stories with their family, neighbors, friends and loved ones. Allow them all to take turns to lead in prayer for closing the meeting.

Regular Assignment:

Memory verse

Be assured of your position “in Christ.”

Share the basic outline of the Hand Presentation 3 x with people this week.

Share this lesson 5 x with different people this week.

Prayer: Pray for needs in group and ask for God to confirm His message in their lives through Spirit’s witness.

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