Is it ethical and helpful to invite another active Christian friend from other Church to attend to your Church? We can find Mega Churches left and right in urban areas. If you are from a mega church, how do you do evangelism? How do you share the gospel to the lost? Were you really sharing the gospel to the lost? These are the questions that we need to rethink. Often times, we are tempted to invite another active Christian from another Christian Church and then declare that our church is growing.

Well, attendance can be a sign of a growing church, BUT it is not a complete definitive statement of a growing church. If your church is just full of transferees, it’s not growth at all. In fact, you can be hurting other christian brothers and sisters in the process.

Here’s why you should not be inviting fellow christian who is active from another church: 

  1. You are hampering his growth. It is assumed that their church has their own discipleship and training, then you took him out of that.
  2. You are changing his view of commitment. The fact you took him out, you encouraged him or taught him that commitment to the local church is not needed at all. 
  3. You are in a way saying that your church is better than theirs. We have the same God, the same faith, same baptism (Eph.4:5-6), what makes you think that your church is better than theirs? An air condition church who does not evangelize to the lost is NO better than a small church who is actively and seriously evangelizing to the lost.
  4. You are hurting other christians. Don’t you get it? Whenever someone leaves the church, it hurts the church. And you just became the cause of it, and still you think you did the right thing.  1 Cor.12:21 “The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!”

– When you took someone from another Christian church, it is as if you took a part of that body. 

  1. You are fooling yourself. When you bring someone to your church who is already a believer,  you did not add anything to the kingdom. The danger of this however is when you start thinking you are bringing in people to the church when in fact, you are just removing them from their church to transfer to yours. 
  2. You are disobeying and sinning. Inviting another active Christian is not evangelism and is hurting other christians. So what do you call that other than sin? 
  3. You are indulging yourself in laziness. Evangelism and discipling people does take time. You need to count years to disciple people towards maturity. I would assume that you are just looking for shortcuts the reason why you want to invite those who are already believers. 
  4. You could be bringing more trouble to your own church especially if you are inviting people with conflicts from their church or to their pastor. If they have done that to their church, what makes you think that your church will be spared? Your own church already has its own share of troubles. 

When can you invite a fellow Christian to your church? 

  1. When he is already inactive for years from his church. In this case, yes, why not? It is wrong if you neglect the opportunity to bring someone back on track and guide that person. 
  2. When he is an immigrant to that place and still not a part of any church. Obviously, you want to open your church to people who are migrating in your area. And if they don’t have a church yet, inviting them is not a bad thing, but can be helpful to them.

In conclusion, being a member of a mega church is not wrong. What’s wrong is when you evangelize those who were already evangelized and encouraged them to transfer their membership to your church. That does not help the kingdom of God, and is simply fooling yourself.

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