Last week was probably the worst week former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) when she was not allowed to travel by the Dept. Of Justice despite of the Supreme Court’s decision allowing her to go exercise her right to travel.

Then it was followed by immediate filing of case against her where she was put to arrest and nullifying the TRO issued by the Supreme Court.

Everybody would probably agree that the DOJ has gone to the border line of this very controversial issue. But as I try to monitor the online polls on television, GMA is not getting any solid symphaty from the masses. The big question is WHY?

We all know that she’s sick, she’s thin, she’s not fine. But still it is not enough to get the heart of the people. Here are some of the “possible” reasons why:

GMA In Braces

The people know her as the worst president in terms of corruption and manipulation. Who can forget the NBN-ZTE deal? The “HELLO GARCI” scandal? How about the Jocjoc Volante scam? The DBP Scandal? And the 11-0 votes in Maguindanao? These are just some of the those controversies that remain unanswered and unresolved.

The people know that most of the Justices of the Supreme Court are GMA’s appointees. And is it not obvious that she got all the 8 votes of her appointees? If the decision of the SC is indeed impartial, why is it that all those who are not GMA’s appointees voted in favor of the administration? Please SC, with all due respect, can you explain this for the common Filipinos to understand the grounds of your decision because even the educated ones interpret your actions to be corrupted because of your relationship with GMA.

The people have witnessed how GMA put Estrada in prison. We know that President Estrada still has the charisma among the Filipino masses. And his supporters witnessed how GMA put him to prison. Do you think these people will symphatized with her? I doubt. And I guess they are thinking that GMA should have a taste of her own medicine.

The people is crying for JUSTICE. Without a doubt, Filipinos are crying for justice for all of GMA’s abuses and corruption. But nothing has been achieved when she was still the president. Even now that she’s no longer the president, it seems like justice is still far for the Filipinos espcially that the SC is dominated by her appointees.

The people know that going abroad is just an alibi. The doctors are convinced that her disease is not fatal and it can be treated here in the Philippines. Furthermore, her choice of doctors does not offer any assurance that they are far better than our own doctors. Therefore, it is a big insult to say that our doctors does not have the ability to treat her.

These reasons are mere assumptions of an ordinary citizen. Let’s hear yours.

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