Discovering your spiritual gifts of your church may be a good way to start your ministry. But it doesn’t mean that after discovering your spiritual gifts, you will then concentrate and only focussed on it. What I mean is this, for example, you found out that you have several elementary educators in your church which makes your church strong when it comes to Christian education of the children.

When we started to focus to only one or two spiritual gifts and we negligently do not give attention with our other ministries, our strongest spiritual gift will become our weakest. We have to understand that the church is a body of Christ. And the body of Christ is composed of many parts. Thus, we have to maintain the functionality of the church body parts balanced.

If only one or two ministries are only functioning, your church will eventually wear out and many will feel that it is too intoxicating to be in your church. Here are a list of ministries that your church should have. And I think each of these are really important and must be taken care of. Nothing should be left out, instead we are to maintain everything in here in balance.

Evangelism – it is witnessing for Jesus Christ. Telling your friends, relatives, and other non-believers about Jesus Christ. Under it is our mission programs both international and local.

Prayer – it is our intercession for our church and our brethrens.

Stewardship – it is taking good care of the material blessings of God to us.

Pastoral Care – it is counselling those people who needs it. Under this area are visitation, marital counselling, discipline counselling, and hospital ministries.

Teaching the Word – under this area are preaching, discipleship and christian education.

Fellowship – this area is responsible for cultivating a healthy loving relationship among the believers.

Organizing and Overseeing – this is the administrative part of your church. Most of the time, the pastor plays a great role in this part, yet big churches also have the administrator that works along side with the pastor. With them is the Church Council and Church Leaders. This area is responsible in empowering the leaders of the Church.

Building virtous character – this encourages the believers especially the new believers for godly change, holiness and loving obedience to the Lord.

Worship – it facilitate worship where everybody can participate.

Source: Reproducible Pastoral Training by Patrick O’Connor


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