“For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you and to desire that you might be filled with the knowledge of His Will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.”

Colossians 1:9

It’s all about knowing Him.  Knowing Him (Phil. 3:8a, 10).

Glimpses of Grace.  That’s all we have in this Pilgrimage of Faith as we “peer through a glass darkly” (I Cor. 13:12a).  Like a smoke-smudged window, so is the lens of faith, though we may do our best to try and clean it.

This process begins when Grace enters our heart at the new birth.  Our faith is fresh and His Joy overflows within us.  Like a kid with a new toy, we rejoice in sins forgiven and a Home in Heaven.  We begin studying God’s Word and “hide it in our hearts so we’ll know how to keep from sinning against Him” (Ps. 119:11).

Then something happens.

We or a loved one becomes ill.  Our finances fall apart.  Others who profess to be a brother- or sister-in-Christ treats us worse than an infidel would.

And, we become discouraged.  Disillusioned.  Depressed.  Despairing.

We look around us and the world seems hell-bent on destruction.

What can you do?

“Be still and know that He is God” (Ps. 46:10a).  Lasso those thoughts and bring them to Jesus’ Feet (II Cor. 10:5).

Then consciously. . .intentionally. . .willingly “fill your mind with the knowledge of His Will.”

“How do I do that?” someone cries in desperation.

By doing what you’re doing right now, Pilgrim.

Meditating on His Word (Ps. 1:2-3; II Tim. 2:15).  Focusing on Jesus, His Life, Love and Light in your life.

Quit trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of the Trinity, Incarnation, End Time events, God’s Sovereignty, etc.  Those will leave you frustrated, fuming, frantic and, if you’re not careful, even faithless.

Instead, focus on Him, Pilgrim.  Jesus—the Risen Lord.  The One Who lives right there in your heart right now.  He’s more than some theological truth or abstract doctrinal statement.  He’s a real Person within you, loving on you right at this very minute.

Why not close your eyes right now and listen?  Quiet your racing mind and put down your “To Do” list for today.  That’ll wait.

But, be like Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet.  Sit and soak in what He has to say for a while.  He’ll give you “all the wisdom” you need in making decisions.  And, He’ll give you “spiritual understanding” on knowing Him better and loving others as He would. . .which, in reality, is really what “knowing His Will” is all about.

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated December 3, 2009

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