Lead me to the Cross by Hillsong(with chords and lyrics) performed by Brooke Fraser from the album All of the Above. This song is about telling the Lord to lead us to the cross where His blood was poured and bring us to our knees.

Lead Me To The Cross

by Hillsong

Intro: Bm  A  G
       Bm  A  G

Verse 1:
Bm       A
Savior I come
         G         A
quiet my soul remember
Bm          A
redemptions hill
where Your blood was spilled
       D     A
for my ransom

Em           A
everything I once held dear
   Bm      A      G
I count it all as lost

lead me to the cross
           D           A
where Your love poured out
bring me to my knees
       D      A
Lord i lay me down
            Bm  G
rid me of myself
    D       A
I belong to You
lead me
 G      A      Bm
lead me to the cross

Other: Bm  A  G  D
       Bm  A  G  D

Verse 2:
Bm          A
You were as I
tempted and trialed
D   A
You are
Bm              A
the word became flesh
bore my sin and death
D          A
now You're risen

        D    G  A
to your heart
        D    G  A
to your heart
                D    G  A
lead me to your heart
                D    G  A
lead me to your heart

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