Some people wonder why I promote Linux. Well, there are three main things that I want to share to you why I promote Linux as “The Discipler’s Operating System”.

Linux Are Free

Linux are FREE. If you can see in “The Discipler’s Store”, there are Linux Operating System softwares, like Open Suse, Ubuntu, and Fedora, these are Linux Softwares. They are TOTALLY FREE operating systems. The only reason why we are selling them is because they are already in the disc form but you can download them for free in their respective sites.

Ubuntu (highly recommended)

Open Suse

Many pastors especially those that lives in third world countries cannot afford to buy Microsoft Windows. It’s just too expensive when the pastor’s salary / honorarium / love gift(whatever you call it), is just enough for the family. This situation is very true in Asian Countries. This is why, most pastors go for the “Windows Pirated Operating System”. But what if, we can offer them  a FREE, or a CHEAP fully licensed / legal operating system?

Linux Are More Secured

I will not say Linux is 100% virus free. Such thing is not true. The truth is, Linux is ALMOST 99% virus free. There are viruses out there for linux but these viruses are very rare.

Most viruses on the net can affect “Windows” but, most of them cannot do harmful things to “Linux”. The question is why??? It is because “Windows” has only one developer, the giant Microsoft. On the other hand, Linux has lots of developers which makes it more difficult to create a virus for a specific operating system (not to mention that hackers help develop linux for their benefit against other hackers). Meaning, one virus maybe effective for a certain Linux, while it may not have effect to other operating system.

Another reason is that most Linux developers were driven by passion to develop and not by money. Just try to visit Linux forums, and you will see what I am talking about.

Linux Are More Stable

In my own experience, I have been using Ubuntu for almost a year now. I already have uploaded tons of huge files, videos, etc. but never experienced slow down. Unlike in windows, as far as my experience is concern, I used to reformat my windows OS every year for it slows down a lot especially if you have uploaded and erased huge files plus installation of anti-viruses.


So Discipler, you now have a choice whether or not go for “Pirated Sofware”. It offers you a totally FREE Operating Systems, FREE adds-on Softwares, FREE tech Support, and a stable operating system. The only thing in exchange is your willingness to to learn Linux.

However, if you still prefer windows, I do encourage you to go for licensed one. As of the moment, I still recommend to use XP than VISTA. It is because VISTA are huge eaters of RAM, and has a higher video and processor requirements.

Click Here to buy Windows XP

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