Looking for The City by Steve Green is probably one of the most popular songs of Steve Green in the 90’s. This is one of my favorites in my grade school life until the time I went to high school.

It’s not rock, it’s not mellow, it’s just a joyful song while looking for the city with the true foundation.

I haven’t found any chords on this song over the net. But, if you want to get a copy of this song, don’t hesitate to collect Steve Green albums.

Looking for The City
By Steve Green

Source of Lyrics: www.lyricstime.com
Source of MP3: www2.mp3raid.com

I’m looking for the city with a true foundation
A home in the heavens not made by hands
Its designer and builder is the Lord of the ages
He prepared it for me
Before the world began

Since the moment of new birth
I’ve been a stranger on this earth
An exile of promise living in this world
But with my new eyes of faith
I’m looking for the day
When I’ll be gone from this house
And at home with the Lord


What I can touch and feel
Is not as real as the world that exist
Beyond what I can see
My inheritance lies where love never dies
And life everlasting is reality

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