Finally, the Latest Hardin Ng Panalangin Collection, “Mahal Ka Ng Diyos”  is Now Here!!!

The book that we have today is entitled “Mahal Ka Ng Diyos Kahapon, Ngayon, Bukas” written by Joey Umali. This book is basically a collection of Ptr. Joey Umali’s sermon in  “Hardin ng Panalangin” which is being aired in 702 DZAS, Monday thru Saturdays. It is composed of forty four inspiring messages.

The book is divided into twelve main topics which covers all areas of our Christian life:

  • Pangarap
  • Pag-ibig
  • Pagsunod
  • Pananampalataya
  • Pagmimisyon
  • Pananalangin
  • Pagiging Katiwala
  • Digmaang Espirituwal
  • Pamilya
  • Kabutihan
  • Pagpapasalamat
  • Pagpapala

Personal Opinion

The book was written in Tagalog and so therefore, perfect for Filipino readers. The content is usually presented by points which makes it easier to understand and use. I myself use this form of presentation because it gives more flexibility for other uses aside from plain devotional use. In addition, this format gives clarity to the recipients as well.

Where can I use this book?

As a devotional tool. Each article is not only presented by points but with a passage at the beginning of the article, a prayer, and something to think about at the end of each article which I believe is perfect for a weekly devotional tool.

As a cellgroup growth book. S

ince it covers all areas of Christian life, this book can be used as a group growth book for the whole year. Each article is very inspiring in a way that it really deals within our inner being. Furthermore, as we already have noted, it is very easy to use and understand since it was presented by points.

As a Sunday School material for adults.
If you are a teacher of Sunday School for adults and is looking for a good material, then why not have this very “all-in-one” book?

As a material for prayer meeting devotion. Have you been assigned to lead a devotion in a prayer meeting? Well, I think this is a good resource book for that.
So generally speaking, this book is not only for personal use but for group use as well.
What makes this book special?
The book was not only presented in purely point by point format, but was also designed to function as tips that deal with each topic. This simply means that it is more like listening from someone who gives you an advice and a reflection for a certain topic through a phone or a radio. This  work is very personal that it touches the heart of its readers and help us to meditate on each topic which affects true-to-life situations of our lives.

Another thing that makes this book very special is the fact that it is basically a collection of the famous “Hardin Ng Panalangin” sermons. I still remember when I was in college, when I still live in Rizal, Hardin Ng Panalangin is not only my favorite radio program but has become a part of my daily life as a student. Even until now, I can still hear its theme music in my ears.


I highly recommend this book for teenagers, young professionals, adults, and even those who are in the ministry like pastors, deacons, and cell group leaders.

The Author:
Joey Umali Jr, is currently one of the pastors of United Methodist Church in Manila. He is also a radio anchor of “Hardin Ng Panalangin” of 702 DZAS (

6:00-6:30 am Monday thru Saturday). He is also the author of Crisis To Where Christ Is and The Seven Secrets of a Happy Home.

Publisher: Church Strengthening Ministry

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