Beginning Discipleship Lesson 5 – Making Disciples

Continue to conduct small group worship. Be sure to let them lead as much as possible in all aspects of your worship.  Continue to hold them accountable to obey the previous lesson.

The items for accountability are:

Continue to monitor your spiritual life in reference to the Disciple’s Cross.

  • The Lordship of Christ in your life  – Is Christ still Lord of your life? Are you letting him be king of your life?
  • The Word  – Did you read your Bible at least 5 min/day?
  • Prayer  – Are you hearing God  speak to you during your QT?  (Show your journal or share 1 insight from and your obedience to what God showed you.)
  • Fellowship with other Christians  – Are there any broken relationships that need to be reconciled?  What did you do to return to a good relationship?
  • Witness to non-believers  – Did you share the Gospel with at least 1 person this week?  Tell their name.
  • Show your “oikos” list of names.
  • Who is your prayer partner?
  • How many times did you pray for your first group of 5?

Review previous story/lesson

From Jesus’ instructions in Lk. Chapter 9 & 10, who were the disciples to look for?  (a Person of Peace)
What  does a Person of Peace do to help the spread of the Gospel? (They can “open doors” and introduce the messenger to their “oikos.”)
What are some things only God can do?  (from Rom. 3:10-12 and John 8:44-45 and 16:8
Only God can draw people to Himself.
Only God can cause people to seek after Him.
Only God can convict people of sin, righteousness, and judgment.)

Spiritual Emphasis
: God’s great plan is that everyone will witness, and make disciples, thus reproducing the pattern so the whole world is reached.

Lesson:  Teach the lesson as interestingly as possible.

1.    Read Matt. 28:18-20.  Do you remember how we used this verse at the start?  What was Christ’s command to us and what we do we need to be doing?  (Making disciples)

Read 2 Tim.2:2.  Remember as well that we need to be teaching others so they can also pass it to others also.  When can you can count yourself as being successful?  (When you have spiritual grandchildren that started from unbelievers and not just church members already.)

Read Acts  1:8. What did the disciples have to wait for before they would be witnesses for Christ? (The Holy Spirit and his power.)

Read Acts 8:1-4 Who was scattered by the persecution at this time?  (All the believers except the original Apostles.)  What did these believers do?  (They preached/witnessed everywhere they went.)  So, what should we do, whenever and where ever we go?  (Preach/witness the Gospel also after we are filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit.)

This is the pattern from the Book of Acts for church planting.

  • Constant Prayer
  • Receiving spiritual empowerment
  • Find people of peace
  • Share the entire Gospel clearly & boldly in a culturally appropriate way
  • Baptize by immersion those who decide to follow Christ
  • Group them intentionally as a local Church
  • Help them to share the Gospel and make disciples, following their Oikas lines and where ever they go
  • Have them appoint elders/leaders from within the new church as quickly as possible and help the new leaders to be able to train others
  • Help the new churches plant other churches right away and give them a vision to witness to the whole world.
  • Prepare them for Persecution that will come.

6.    Rejoice in the Results

  • Many people saved quickly
  • Much Giving Praise & Glory to God
  • Joy
  • Awe and amazement – Fear of God
  • Many healed and demons cast out
  • Favor with non-believers
  • g.    Much reporting to others what God is doing, especially to the church that sends you out

[Have them practice retelling the lesson to each other in pairs.]

How to Obey:

Use your testimony to find Persons of Peace from within your oikos relations.
Gather a group of people, either your oikos, or the oikos of the person of peace you have found.
Start the evangelism bible study with them this week or use a simple plan of evangelism to lead them to receive Jesus as their savior.
Teach the new believers, giving them a good foundation from the teachings of the Disciple’s Hand.
Teach them to worship in a small group.
Continue your spiritual disciplines from the Disciple’s Cross. You are entering spiritual battle now and need God’s help.

Verse to Memorize:
-Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.-  Matt.18:19-20

– What Can I Pray for Non-Christians?

  • That God draws them to Himself.  (John 6:44)
  • That they believe the Scriptures.  (I Thessalonians 2:13) (Romans 10:17)
  • That Satan is bound from blinding them to the truth.  (2 Corinthians 4:4)
  • That the Holy Spirit works in their heart.  (John 16:8, & 13)
  • That they believe in Jesus and confess him as Lord . (Romans 10:9)
  • That they yield all to follow Christ.  (2 Corinthians 5:15)

[The ones you discipled in this phase should now be leading their own group in evangelism and then the follow-up and then continuing on into this same discipleship phase, thus completing the reproduction cycle. Further discipleship for the leaders of these small groups should come from the one who first discipled them (you).  You will hopefully be teaching deeper discipleship and Level III training that you are receiving from your own trainer.]

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