There is no Church that does not want to grow. And perhaps all pastors and all people inside the Church wants to see the growth happening in their Church. But what does it take and how are we going to grow our Churches? Master Plan Of Growing Healthy Churches In the Philippines was written to answer this huge challenge for every Churches.

Doc Jim’s first book “Master Plan of Planting Healthy Churches in the Philippines”, has been a Church planting “blue print” of many church planters in the Philippines. But what comes after planting a Church? It has to grow, it has to become healthy, it has to become reproducing.

Master Plan For Growing Healthy Churches

Master Plan For Growing Healthy Churches

This new book, “Master Plan of Growing Healthy Churches in the Philippines” is not only a sequel of Doc Jim’s first book, but is a guide, a blue print for pastors, Church leaders, deacons and people who are involve in growing Churches.

There are very rare books about growing healthy Churches out there in the market. Most of those that I have seen has a western context. This book however is in Filipino context thus, Filipino pastors can significantly relate to what Doc Jim is talking about.

The book has eight chapters covering each aspect for a successful Church growth.

  • Planning What Our Church Will Become
  • Aligning Ourselves With God’s Plan for Church Growth
  • Looking at Models of Church Growth
  • Planning For Our Church To Grow
  • Implementing A Church Growth Strategy
  • Removing Church Growth Barriers
  • Matching Developing Indigenous Church Growth Plans
  • Leadership For Our Church To Grow
  • Personal Opinion
    This book has presented the “how to” in growing Churches. As I said earlier, there is only a very limited resources out there that is about growing Churches in Philippine context. And this elevates the value of this book especially for Filipino ministers and Churches.

    What I like the most of this book is that, this book was written not only by an academic scholar, but by a veteran in Church planting and Church growing. As Dr. Jim Prieto stated, this book is based on his long years of true-to-life experiences in Church growing engagements. This means that what was said in this book is not just a bunch of theories written by inexperienced “wanna be” church planters.

    Where Can We Use This Book?
    This book is practically designed for Church leaders and workers (application though is not only limited for Church leaders and workers). And since this book is a product of seminars and workshops conducted by Doc Jim both in the US and in the Philippines, I believe this book is worth sharing for every member of the Church who is desiring for Church growth.

    This book can also be used in conducting seminar for Church planting team and Church growing team in your Church.

    I highly recommend this book to every pastor, deacons, missionaries (foreign or local), church planters, ministry strategists, and all other Church leaders.

    The Author
    Jim (Jaime) Prieto has been conducting Church Leadership, Church Planting, and Church Growth workshops and seminars in the US and in the Philippines for many years. He is a church planter-grower, evangelist, missionary, missions administrator, mentor of leaders, and seminary professors. He is also the author of “Master Plan of Planting Healthy Churches”.

    Publisher: Church Strengthening Ministry
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