It’s been a while since I posted a book review. So today, I decided to make one. Today’s book is “May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic”. The book was written by Mighty Rasing who is working with Philippine Staff of Young People’s Ministries, the global ministry agency of the United Methodist Church. He is also working as a host in “Family Matters” of 702 DZAS.  This tells us that his main ministry is young people and family.

The Book

Super EpicSuper Epic is a short book, it’s just a little over 100 pages in short size book. It’s written in Taglish format which also tells us that the target of this book are mainly young Filipinos.

I think it’s a genius idea where Mighty tries to incorporate godly perspective on world’s trending super heroes. Starting with Spiderman’s “Great power equals great responsibility”, Mighty creatively made a point that it is exactly the same with Christianity. We as Christians were given a great power by our Lord Jesus as he commissioned us to tell other people about him. Therefore, we also have that great responsibility in putting that into action.

Furthermore, the young people are equipped with technology which is considered to be a power, and therefore they also need to express it with great responsibility.

Some other super heroes were mentioned in this book like Batman and the trainings he did to become the Batman. Human Torch was also used as an example. We have to be on fire in God’s work, but not to the point of being burned out. Cyclops of X-men was also used an example. We need to set our focus on Jesus.

There is also a need to have a team just like the Avengers who need to work together in order to keep the ministry running and become more effective. No man has it all, you need a team, people who posses different gifts. Smashing the problem not the people is also a lesson to learn from the green guy. Hulk.

Mighty ended his book in keeping yourself away from Kryptonite the only mineral which makes Superman weak. Sin and other sidetracks are just like Kryptonite, it makes one’s Christian life weak and unable to be in its fullest.


This book is best for young people and young leaders who can relate themselves with Super Heroes. It is fun to read, definitely not boring.

Want to live like a spiritual super hero? Read this book. You can also view more information here.

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