The Disciplers’ ministries is more on discipling potential pastors and workers. From teaching the basic doctrinal lessons of Baptists to teaching them how to work with deeper commitment in their respective ministries. We do this by conducting monthly pastoral meeting and seminar in our base in Ormoc.

The Disciplers aim to be a catalyst for evangelism and church planting. By using strategically the resources that we have, our goal is to share the gospel of Christ to more people the fastest way possible.


Baptising 48 new believers

We also would like to share our sermons and other learning materials that we are producing from time to time. We aim to provide FREE materials (or cheapest way possible) that you can just download, print, and copy without worrying for copyright infringement. You can help us do it by sharing downloadable products and buying our cheaply priced materials (which mostly are manuscripts).


As we reach more people, we are also trying our best to equip new believers of God’s word and the necessary training.. It is our desire to train new believers to be responsible Christians in evangelism, ministry, and to their devotion to Christ.

We train our people using Outreach Bible Study method. At the same time, they are being trained on meditating the Bible for their daily spiritual food. In this, we aim to rapidly multiply ourselves in evangelism and Church planting. Pastoral care and counselling is also included in our training.

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