Daily Devotional

Our Daily Bread

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”
—Matthew 4:4

The Bible is still the ultimate spiritual daily bread of our spiritual lives. There is no substitute for God’s holy book. It is the ultimate source of all daily devotions written by great men who devoted their lives in meditating the Bible.

God’s word is our daily bread.

How To Use Daily Devotional Materials Effectively

Daily devotional materials are used primarily in enhancing our devotions to God. It always come with the Bible beside it which is the source of God’s word. Devotional materials are primarily personal reflections of godly people which they also want to share to others to help edify and encourage.

Devotional materials are powerful tools for edification, encouragement, spiritual nurturing, and information. However, it still cannot replace the Bible to which we need to be aware of. Many people falls into temptation in religiously reading a devotional material but not the Bible.

Here are some tips of using daily devotional materials effectively:

  • Pray. This is the first thing that we should do before doing anything. Pray that God will reveal to you His words of guidance for the day.
  • Read the Bible passage used in the devotional material of the day. Read it using the Bible, and read 5 preceeding verses and 5 verses after the passage to have a clearer picture of the context.
  • Pause for a while and meditate. Look for the things that you can learn from the passage.
  • List the things that you have learn in your own devotion.
  • Read the devotional material and compare it to what you have learn. This will help you increase your knowledge about that passage.

The New Devotional Material

Many of us were so familiar with one of the longest daily devotional series, Our Daily Bread. This devotional series is also probably the most popular devotional series of our time. There is no doubt that Our Daily Bread have touched the lives of millions of Christians around the world.

Today, Our Daily Bread is published in several languages and is one of the best-selling devotional book. I’m not just so sure if there is an online publication of “Our Daily Bread”. This is why I want to introduce you to  Morning Manna.

The Morning Manna

Similar to “Our Daily Bread”, Morning Manna is a daily devotional material that we can use for our daily spiritual breakfast. The main difference between the two is that Morning Manna is published online on a daily basis.

Morning Manna is a unique devotional material where it touches the lives of workers of the Lord. It treats its readers as a “Pilgrim” since we are all travelers passing in this world.

Derived from the term used in the book of Exodus, at the time Israelites is being sustained by God for their daily food, the manna, Morning Manna’s goal is to help its readers to have his daily spiritual food as he walks in God’s ways.

However, just like all other books and devotional materials, Morning Manna is not a substitute for the real spiritual Manna, the Bible. It is simply a tool that helps us focus our life to God.

Morning Manna is written by the new Oswald Chambers of our time, Rev. Tom Smith and is being published for you by two websites: The Disciplers and Back To Bethel. We hope and pray that Morning Manna will form part of your daily devotions to God. And that our lives will be blessed of the reality of God’s daily blessings.

We hope that you will enjoy this unique daily devotional.

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