Our discipleship includes raising leaders, leading the young people to tell others about Christ, teaching reliable men to handle the word of truth, and teaching people to obey Christ. We believe that discipleship is very important for the continuance of our ministry and church.

As we reach more people, we are also trying our best to equip new believers of God’s word and the necessary trainings they need to tell others about Christ. It is our desire to train new believers to be responsible Christians in evangelism, ministry, and to their devotion to Christ.

We train our people using Outreach Bible Study method and at the same time, they are being trained on meditating the Bible for their daily spiritual food. In this, we aim to rapidly multiply ourselves in evangelism and Church planting. Pastoral care and counselling is also included in our training.

As a result of these trainings, we are able to produce 5 pulpit preachers, 1 became a pastor, and 2 other pastoral trainees in one of our outreaches. And this starting numbers will continue to rise as time goes on.

To know more about a “Disciple” in Biblical perspective, read “Chrisitan Disciples According To Bible“.

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