Lead It!!! An Outreach Bible Study Guide

Lead It!

Lead It basically maintains four essential factors that must be considered in the ministry, transferability, simplicity, efficiency, and Bible based.

Transferability is the factor that deals with the issues of passing what we have learned to others. Training for Trainers made a good point about transferability. Missionary Mark Stevens pointed out that we have to make and think of a way where the materials that we will be using will be easily transferred to our disciples where our disciples will be able to transfer it to their disciples and so on and so fort.

Therefore, Lead It was designed to be easily passed to our disciples and so on and so forth, creating disciples in the least possible time. Simplicity deals with the understandability and applicability of the material. Many Bible Study leaders struggle in leading Bible study in the area of allowing their hearers to understand what they are saying. In addition to this, Bible Study leaders also had difficulty in learning and understanding their material because they were so hard to understand due to a lot of memorization to do.

What we need therefore is a simple material that will be easy to apply and easy to teach. And Lead It possess the simplicity of the method where for 8 training sessions, OBS leaders will be able to lead an effective approach to evangelism and church planting. The recipients of OBS will also be able to understand clearly the topics of the Bible Studies. Lead It also maintains both efficiency measurements, time and cost efficiency. Lead It follows a Bible Study time frame which is not too short sacrificing the quality of Bible Study nor too long sacrificing the acceptability rate of the OBS contact.

We have several advantages that we can derive by designing our OBS for 8 meetings.

1. It allows the OBS leader to plan ahead of time and see the receptivity of the group. By focusing only to the receptive group, OBS leader will be able to maximize his time to the most fruitful OBS group.
2. It promotes a quality fast paced program for establishing a house church.
3. OBS contacts most likely accept the terms of 8 meetings for 1 hour a week period.
4. It allows a systematic approach for church planting.
5. It promotes cost efficient way of evangelism where OBS leaders will have to concentrate only to the receptive contacts but maintaining friendship with the less receptive contacts.

Finally, Lead It is a Bible based material. All principles applied in the creation of this material are Bible based. And not only to the creation of this material but this material will teach us to focus ONLY to the Bible as the basic source of Bible Study lessons, which will become the materials that we will be using in the actual OBS.

Below is a glimpse of the training guide for Outreach Bible Study leaders.

  • OBS Lecture Day 1: Introduction To Outreach Bible Study
  • OBS Lecture Day 2 & 3: How To Make A Simple Inductive Bible Study
  • OBS Lecture Day 4: Finding The Man of Peace
  • OBS Lecture Day 5: The Bible Study Process
  • OBS Lecture Day 6: Baptism As Fitting Obedience

Hope you will enjoy being a Bible Study Leader.:) God bless!

“And I will be with you always until the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20

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