OBS Lecture Day 2 & 3: How To Make A Simple Inductive Bible Study

Activity: (For each student) Discuss the outline of Ephesians using your own original outline.

How to Make a Simple Inductive Bible Study

1. Pray. We have to be prepared when we study the Scriptures. We need to ask God’s enlightenment that we may understand His Word correctly.
2. Read the passage several times until you really know what it says. Most of the time, it will take us several times of reading the same passage before we will be able to understand it.
3. Make a title for each paragraph. Get the main idea of the paragraph and make a title out of it. I suggest that you make a title that is short, not less than two words, but not more than 5.
4. Make questions for each paragraph related to your title. Ask questions related to what you want people to know from the Scripture. Right questions lead us to the right answers. Unless we know how to ask the right questions, we cannot have the right answers.
5. Circle the answers for each question right in your bible. This is for your own benefit as a leader so that it will not be difficult for you to keep track of where you are during the Bible study.
6. Line the truths that talk about salvation. This almost the same as number 5 only that you need to make another set of signs that will help you identify truths about salvation.
7. Prepare a little explanation for each answer. You have to prepare in advance a little in order to be able to talk about your answers. Some of the passages may be a little vague for your group. Your leading questions and clear explanation will help guide them into the truths of God’s word.
8. Pray that the Lord will bless you as you lead your Bible Study. Before using your materials and going to the battle field, it is wise if you will first be fully prepared through ample time in prayer.

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