OBS Lecture Day 5: The Bible Study Process

Activity: (For each student) Present your simple inductive Bible study of chapter 4.

The Bible Study Process

Most people don’t know how to start a conversation so as to begin a Bible study. This lesson will teach us how to start, how to lead and how to end a Bible study.

Note that you have to pray before going to your OBS and after you have finished your OBS.

Things to Bring in the Bible Study

1. Extra Bibles. We have to bring extra NIV New Testament Bibles if the people in your OBS do not have one of their own.
2. Your personal OBS written lesson.
3. Tracts that you can give to strangers that you met that you do not have a Bible study as of the moment.
4. Pens
5. Song copy. It can be song books, song sheets, or song charts.
6. A small pad of paper or notebook to write to write down the names of visitors, birthdays, prayer requests, etc. and names of potential OBS contacts.
7. An umbrella in case it will rain.

The 4W’s of OBS

1. Welcome. It will be better to start relating first to your contacts rather than going immediately to the word. Here you will ask them some ice breakers like; “What is the most memorable moment in your life?”; “What is the happiest moment in your life?”.

The main purpose of this part is to know your contacts better. By asking them questions like this, you will be able to relate with them. Here you will see some of the things that will make them happy or things that will hurt them. This also will make your contact feel more “at home” with your company. This works best if you have contacts who love to tell stories. Just be careful with your time and don’t let it go on too long.

2. Worship. You will lead your contacts to sing praise or worship songs here. In this early stage, you will teach them preparing their hearts in listening to the word. It would be best if you will be teaching them Christian songs, songs that you regularly sing in the church. That way, if they visit your church, they will already know some of the songs.

The main purpose of this part is to introduce them what is a church look like. You start to inspire them through singing songs that will prepare their hearts, or make them feel closer to God.

I know that not all can lead songs. However, we can improve ourselves. We may not be a good singer, but we can still try. If we know how to play the guitar, it would be better if we could bring a guitar to OBS and start leading with guitar. Just do the best that you can to teach them.

There is nothing wrong in trying. You can perhaps bring someone from your church that can lead and sing the songs for you.

3. Word. This is where you will teach what you have prepared. Remember that you are to teach your contacts clearly. Present it using the outline that you made. It will save you time and it will be clearer to your listeners if it is presented logically.

Teaching with conviction is very important. To do it, you must know what you are teaching. That is the main reason why you have to make your own Bible Study materials, so that you will learn by heart what you teach.

This will give you confidence in answering questions that are related to your
presentation. In addition, people will believe you if you say it with conviction. It is where people see if you are telling the truth or just doing it because you were told to do so.

Please be sure to pray before going to your OBS. Study hard and familiarize yourself with your main points. Don’t be nervous or feel pressured. God is with you to help you.

One key to effective speaking is being relaxed. Just allow the words to flow from your mouth naturally. But don’t preach. Instead, allow them to participate, to speak and to read the passage.

Make them answer the questions that you have prepared. Allow them to ask questions of their own for clarification. This should be done so that your Bible study will not be boring but an enjoying experience.

4. Warfare. This is the prayer part of your Bible study. It is where you ask your group if they need some prayer in a particular area. This is where you introduce them to Christian prayer. You can lead the prayer for the first time.

But I think it is wiser to teach them at the same time while having a Bible study. Ask someone in your OBS group to pray before starting or after your Bible study. Allow them to pray simple prayers. In this way you are preparing them how to pray the right way of praying and acquainting them what the Christian worship looks like inside.

There will be times that your group will really need a lot of prayers. Some of them will have great trials in their lives while you have your Bible studies. You should not miss this very important part. Teaching them to pray is teaching them to become closer to God.

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