It’s been two years now that I have been publishing Morning Manna. It already blessed thousands of people around the world  and continuously increasing. But it has now come to an end here in the Disciplers. However, this end is just a new beginning. So it is not an end for the Morning Manna, but just a beginning. The online publishing to its new site will have started since April 1, 2011 issue.

With all thinking, I finally decided to publish the Morning Manna in the website of it’s writer, a good friend of mine, Tom Smith. Since I am the one maintaining his website, I think it will be best to have it publish in his own site. So here’s the thing, you can check Morning Manna to his website Soon we will develop it into full blown site where people can also subscribe to it.

But for now, kindly check it and enjoy the blessings that comes only from our God.

Finally, I want to think Tom Smith from the bottom of my heart for having me published Morning Manna in my site for two years. It is indeed a great honor to be working with the servant of God who has the passion to write  and pray without ceasing.

And for all of my readers, there is no worries. You can still read and be blessed by the Morning Manna. Just visit Furthermore, I will be publishing some really cool resources too soon. So you just wait for it. 🙂

For now, if you haven’t yet subscribe to my new list, kindly do so. Just enter your email address at the form provided in the upper right hand corner of this site. 🙂

See you on the other side!!!

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