“And Thomas answered and said unto Him, ‘My Lord and my God’.”

John 20:28

     Flesh says, “Seeing is believing;” faith says, “Believing is seeing.”


     We label him “The Doubter.”  And, perhaps his refusal to believe “unless he saw the nail prints in Jesus’ hands and feet and thrust his hand into His side” (v.25) was rooted in skepticism and unbelief.
     But, it’s possible it was rooted in his not wanting to have second-hand faith.

     The others had already seen the Risen Lord (vv.19-23).  But, for whatever reason, Thomas wasn’t present (v.24).

     So, we’d do well to not be too harsh or critical of him—for, in reality, we’re just like him.
     Think of it:

     If someone came up to you today and said, “You won’t believe who I saw in the restaurant today!  Why it was ‘ole _____________–you know the one they just buried a few days ago?!?  Well, there he was. . .sitting at a table. . .bigger than life. . .wearing a big smile and chowing down on a big hamburger.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!”
     What would be your response, Pilgrim?

     For most folks—especially in this “Age of Reason and Skepticism” that says “Trust, but verify”—it’d be “Yea, and I believe you’ve also got some beachfront property in the Mojave Desert for sale at a great price.”
     Let’s face it:

     Thomas was a pragmatic realist.  He’d been the one to say “Come on, you guys.  Jesus is wanting to head back to pay His respects to Martha and Mary because of Lazarus’ death.  And, we know of all those death threats against Him (and us).  But, that’s okay—let’s load up and go with Him that we may also die with Him” (Jn. 11:16).
     Nothing like an “optimist” in the group, is there?

     But, again, Thomas was just like us. . .one who “called a spade a spade”. . .following Jesus, but knowing the journey is fraught with danger and hardship. . .and in the end it’s going to cost you big-time.
     But, still he followed.  And, still he was willing to die with Him.

     That’s why Jesus’ Resurrection most likely impacted him more than it did the others.  Why’s that?  Simply because reality gives way to Mystery and reticence is changed into rejoicing when the Risen Lord suddenly appears.  And, no longer do we have to rely upon others’ testimonies of faith (Jn. 4:41-42); instead, by faith we cry “MY Lord and MY God.”  Hallelujah!!
     Do you feel “blessed” this morning, Pilgrim?  Jesus said you would if you “believe, having not seen.”  Why not spend a few minutes right now doing nothing but closing your eyes and “being still so you can know He is God” (Ps. 46:10a)?  Don’t be surprised if you feel Someone brush up against you and whisper, “Good morning.  How are you today?”

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated April 5, 2010

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