No Man Left Behind By Patrick Morley and Co Reveals How Important It is For A Church To Have Men Ministry

No Man Left Behind is a book that will remind us how important it is to have a ministry for men. When was the last time your church had a ministry for men? We have all kinds of ministries; women ministry, youth ministry, children ministry, music ministry, etc… But for most churches, where is the men ministry?

No Man Left Bhind by Patrick Morley and Co.

No Man Left Bhind by Patrick Morley and Co.

If you are seeking for a way to start your men ministry, this book is definitely A MUST to read. This book is a “blue print” for your men ministry.

One of the most crucial ministries nowadays that our churches face is the ministry for men. There are very few churches that have a men ministry these days. Those who have, their men’s group are not that active as it should be. Let’s face it; we have neglected to minister to our men for a long time.

We need some rekindling of that passion to reach out for our men.

Here’s a short glimpse of what’s inside the book:

  • The importance of discipling men and how can it help your church.
  • The foundations of your men’s ministry.
  • The three strands of leadership.
  • Inputting vision for men to get involve.
  • Creating momentum by providing value.
  • Capturing the momentum.
  • Sustaining the momentum.
  • Building plans.
  • Many many more…

As I said, it is a “Blue Print” for Men Ministry. It is something that will lead you to start, capture and sustain this essential ministry into a success.

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is best for ministry leaders, especially to those who will be leading the ministry for men. Pastors should also read this book. This can be an eye opener if you don’t even mind having this ministry. And in fact, pastors should be on the side of the men ministry leaders because men can be one of the powerful asset of the Church that can make an impact in all other ministries.

For those who want to produce leaders for this ministry, this is also a good choice. This is definitely one of the best choices out there especially that there is not much resources about ministry for men.

Where to Get This Book?

The first print was originally printed by Moody Publishers in 2006. Now, this book was made available by Church Strengthening Ministry Inc. Therefore, you can get this book in your own local Christian bookstores.

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