About 3 weeks ago when I noticed that some of my websites that are hosted on a single hosting account has been hacked and was inserted by several ad scripts and malwares. The hacking was done using brute force and SQL injection. It was so frustrating to see all those hard works to be compromised by these malicious softwares.

To make things worse, Google has now the feature that blocks website and put a sort of Malware Warning when you visit the site. Removing the warning is like going through the eye of the needle because you will have to clean the site, ask Google to review it, then Google will run some tests if your site is clean. If they confirmed that your site is clean, then they will remove the warning sign and start reindexing your website. However, this process takes a long time.

It’s been a pain to continuously removing the repetitive hacking and the nasty scripts that continuously plagued my websites.

Reflecting on what had happened, I can see Satan is like the hacker who tries his best to insert bad codes over our heads so that we will be doing what we do not want to do. Sometimes he uses “brute force” and sometimes “SQL Injection”. No matter how much we try to get away with it, it just keeps on coming back all over again. He came to kill, steal, and destroy.

Satan will be using different kinds of schemes just to penetrate your thoughts until such time that he will be successful of controlling your minds and just like websites, he will be deleting important files, diverting your links to other things, and stealing important data. It’s just like that. If we are not careful, Satan can do all that.

But this has to stop. My sites need to be up and running again. So I decided to install some security features and blocking all entry points where hackers may be able to easily enter. Read my “How I Solved WordPress Hacking” here.


I was able to stop more than 200 hacking attempts overnight. And for 24 hours monitoring, I don’t see too anymore SQL injection activity. I really do hope that I finally get rid of those malware.

Hacking Incident

Spiritually speaking, if we are having some serious problems over temptation that we cannot avoid, here are some tips that I can give you.

1. Put in your mind the promises of God that was written on the Bible. They will act as your security plugins and they will help you block all future temptations.

2. Don’t just stare on the Word of God. Dig in, and implement it in your life. Do not merely listen to the word, be doers.

3. Ban all those bad habits that endanger you to temptations. If your weakness is lust, then don’t go to places where you will be most likely tempted. If your weakness is money, then avoid holding too much money. In short, turn your backs against temptation and flee.

4. Pray. Praying is like contacting the Lord of hosts. You will not certainly change yourself, but God will.

5. Renewing of minds. Just as Apostle Paul instructed in Romans. We need to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Remember, nothing is secured unless you did something to secure it.

I do hope you have learned something from this hacking incident.

Have you had this kind of experience? Share it below!!!

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