Today, April 17, we will be having our very first worship service in the new location where our new building is in progress. For the mean time, we will be using the old existing building. We did some minor renovation and repairs for it to look better and more presentable to the people.


Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry (Building Project) Front View

This is the latest development as of April 17, 2011


The pictures below is what’s inside the old building. It’s quite small, but this is already a good start for a place of worship.


view from the pulpit

View from the pulpit.

view from the door

This is the view from the door in the temporary building.


Sitting capacity of the temporary building is about 40 seats while the on-going building project is about 50 seats.

We are looking forward to expand the new building when God wills it in his time. We are projecting to extend it two more times as big as it is now. That means we are looking forward to have a 150 seating capacity out of the old building. Then are going to make a second floor so that the second floor will be our worship area and the ground floor will be the offices, Sunday school rooms, conference rooms, and the pastoral house. We know it will still take time to do that, but all things are possible.

Having all God’s blessings, Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry will continue to move on towards what God has given us to do. We will continue to reach and make disciples of all nations in the Lord.

Please continue to pray for us as we also continue to serve God. This is only the beginning of the fruitful ministries ahead. 🙂


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