Few days from now, Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry will be celebrating its 11th Anniversary.

The theme for this year is: “Incorporating Family in the Fellowship and Fellowship in the Family”. The theme came from one of the Purpose Statements of OLCM.

The guest speaker will be Rev. Fred Aviles, president of the Visayas Convention of Southern Baptist Churches whose special interest is on family relationship and counseling.

We also have a new official logo (finally). The logo symbolizes that a group of people who became a church known to be The Lighthouse is a Spirit-filled Church that empowers the light of the lighthouse to be a beacon of hope for the dark world.

Our main goal for this year is strengthening the “within” of the Church in order that the “outside” ministries of the church will also be strengthened.

Having a Worship Experience That Each Member Can Be Proud Of

There are three main things that we wish and we are praying to implement this year to have a worship experience that each member can be proud of. We believe that to there is only one way to have a meaningful worship every Sunday, that is to become spiritually matured Christians.

But how are we going to do that? Below are some of immediate actions that we are now doing.

1.    Reformatting Discipleship –
We aim to have a deeper study on the Biblical foundations of discipleship. We are now starting to learn the deeper Biblical insights of discipleship in our discipleship class.

However, we are still looking forward that on August, we will be having a separate discipleship class with the Council members and core leaders of different ministries of the Church.

This time, it is not just about selecting a book to follow for discipleship lessons, but it is about learning what the Bible says about discipleship. You can follow the lessons in the Discipleship Category of The Disciplers.

2.    Reformatting Church Program – We have started reformatting our church programs in the church particularly in our cell groups. We aim (with God’s help) that each group will not only grow in numbers but each member will also experience spiritual growth.

Discipleship with “on the job” training ministry is what we desire to work on while at the same time spiritual maturity is the focus of our discipleship classes.

3.     Reformatting Sermons – From August, we aim to study what Jesus Christ taught His disciples from the books of Matthew and John. We will be studying these two books at the same time. One book will be preached in the morning service while the other book will be on the evening service.

In this way, people who will be attending the morning service will not hesitate to also attend the evening service.

It is a lot of work and effort to implement all these three. This is why we would like to ask for your prayers that our church here in Ormoc will be a real lighthouse to the lost world.

If You Want to Send Monetary Gifts

Before I end this post, if God touching  you to send financial gifts to Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry, please send it to the following bank account and send me an email concerning that gift so that we can put your gifts for its intended purpose.

Bank: China Bank
Branch: Ormoc City, Leyte Philippines
Account Name: Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry Inc.
For the Account Number, kindly email me about it. This is just to make sure that everything is safe.

You can send for the following fund purposes:

May our Lord and God bless you all the more for your generosity!!!

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