Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry Has A Land


February 2011 at last, Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry acquired a new land. With the help of Philippine Baptist SBC Inc, who lend OLCM the necessary amount in acquiring the new land, OLCM pursued another step in their ministerial effort strengthening their home base for mission work in Leyte.


The said land will be used as the main base of OLCM ministerial network in Leyte. With its strong partnership with Paglaum Baptist Mission (PIEI Philippines) the Leyte ministries continued to expand as far as Tacloban, Eastern Samar, and Hinunangan areas.

New Ormoc Lighthouse

Front view of the New OLCM Location. Perimeter Under construction.

The upcoming OLCM building is not only planned as a “church building” but also a center for ministerial training, haven of local and international missionaries and pastors, and a center for leadership development and theological training.

The current fund for the building project is still 1/9th – 1/10th of the total amount being targetted and prayed. But at least, it is already enough for the OLCM to have a shelter for the new church location.


Any donation is highly welcome. For the details of the project and donations, please contact Ptr. Vince using “Contact Us” form.

Perimeter Construction

Pastors helping the construction of the perimeter.

As for now, enjoy some of the pictures taken while constructing the “perimeter”, the temporary house that was included on the purchase, and the slide video of the “Ground Breaking Ceremony”.

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