Our upcoming Church 10th Anniversary Celebration is only a few days ahead. We will start our celbration a couple of days before Sunday, the big event and will continue 2 days after. This means that the over all celebration is about 5 days long.

But of course we do not have all the energy in purely celebrating through singing and dancing. We have made several events just before the actual celebration. Here’s the list of activities that we will be having over the weekend until next week.

  • June 12  Dinner fellowship with some of the business men and professionals of Ormoc City
  • June 13  Pastor’s and Preacher’s fellowship.
  • June 14  The actual celebration where we will have

Ang Parola” special broadcast DYRR
Worship celebrations
Ptr. Vince’s Ordination
Fellowship Program

  • June 15   Tambulilid Free Medical Clinic
  • June 16   Day 2 of Tambulilid Free Medical Clinic

Furthermore, the pioneers of our ministry will be coming:

  • Rev. Tom Smith
  • Rev. Virgilio Olaer
  • Rev. Cleto Bacarro

Some other guests will be coming as well like Rev. Gammy Beltran and the doctors and staff for the free medical clinic, Dr. Ronald Snead, Kevin Layfield, Beth Hesser, and Gwen Edland. All of our Church outreaches will also be coming

Finally, just before I end this post, I just want to express my deepest excitement for our T-shirt where I personally designed the print on the shirt. I don’t know if it will pass your taste. But as for me, it did. Not because I am the one who designed it, but it was asked from the Lord.:)

Our T-shirt Design

Our T-shirt Design

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