Since “Same Sex Marriage” is a huge topic today especially here in the Philippines because of the comments made by “Pambansang Kamao” Manny Pacquiao, I went back to this very informative video about Same Sex Marriage.

LGBT community is trying to unbalance the law of the land. Our law is fair to both non-LGBT’s and LGBT’s. What they are crying out are extra benefits that will only serve them and not the entire Filipino people simply because not all people can take the homosexual lifestyles.

Again, making these things clear, as a Christian I openly say that I am against Same Sex Marriage. Being against it is not being homophobic, it’s not bigotry, it’s not discrimination, it is simply believing and practicing the Christian faith. Though we love every human being in this world LGBT or not, but homosexual lifestyle is not for Christians.

The world has to respect what the Christians and the people who value morality believes. LGBT has to respect what we believe and not force us to accept the lifestyles they are promoting. Nevertheless, being friendly and being compassionate to the lost has to be practiced as well.

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