“Now set your heart and your soul to seek the Lord your God. . .”

I Chronicles 22:19a

It’s a lifelong, passionate pursuit that always ends up at Jesus’ feet.

Seeking the Lord.

Someone once said “We’re born with a God-shaped hole in our heart.”  So true, so true.  And, nothing or no one can fill this void except the One for Whom we seek.  This is no casual search—like that of someone out shopping on a carefree vacation, who’s asked “What are you looking for?” and the person replies, “I don’t know. . .but I’ll know it when I find it.

While humorous, this response is so often the way so many do their “seeking.”

A “shot-in-the-dark.”  Wishful thinking.  Some nebulous, vague “notion” or “urge.”

But, there’s no intentionality. . .no purpose. . .no insatiable “hungering and thirsting” that springs from the depth of their soul.

No, only an “I sure hope I find what I’m looking for” casual quest.

But, that’s not what David meant in today’s Manna as he instructed Solomon on how to prepare himself for building the Temple.  The Hebrew word “nathan” is used here for “set” and means “to add, ascribe, assign, ordain, etc.,” which shows “purposeful preparation.”  And, when coupled with “seek” (Heb. “darash”—“to tread on, frequent, follow hard after, pursue, diligently inquire, search for, etc.”), it’s the picture of a wholehearted quest, not a halfhearted one.

This is the essence of God’s Word to Jeremiah (Jer. 29:13) and Jesus’ instruction to His disciples (and us) on “asking, seeking and knocking” (Mt. 7:7).  Likewise, that’s what the Lord meant when He included “seeking (Heb. ‘baqash’—‘to search out, ask, beg, beseech, etc.’) His Face” in His “Prescription for Revival” (II Chron. 7:14).

It’s a diligent seeking.  A determined quest—yea, a desperate one.

Only a person at his “wits’ end” (Ps. 107:27) will “cry out to the Lord” (v.28).  Only those whose resources are exhausted will ask for help—and some will not even do it then because of pride.

But, oh, dear Pilgrim, we will never “know God” and “experience Him” until it’s our “Magnificent Obsession”—i.e., until we feel like we can’t live without Him. . .one word from His lips. . .one touch from His loving Hand. . .one kiss from His tender lips.

Have you “set your heart and soul to seek the Lord your God” weary one?

If so, keep on doing so until He is your All-in-all; if not, start now.  Lay aside any and everything that would hinder your pursuit (Heb. 12:1).  Say aloud even now, “I will not rest until I know Him and the power of His resurrection—being willing to enter into the fellowship of His sufferings and made conformable unto His death” (Phil. 3:10).  And, do not forget that this same One you pursue is the same One Who’s looking for you (Lk. 19:10).  “Be still and know that He is God” (Ps. 46:10). . .and do not be surprised if in those quiet moment you find Him as near as your next breath (Is. 30:15).

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated July 9, 2009

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