“For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you and to desire that you might be filled with the knowledge of His Will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding—that you might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing. . .”

Colossians 1:9-10a

When we start looking Upward instead of inward or backward, we’ll find what we’re looking for.

“That you might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing.”

Is that your desire today, Pilgrim?  If God would give you some type of spiritual magic wand and you could wave it, would you want to be able to live a life that’s “worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing”?

“Yes!” someone says with a note of exasperation in his/her voice.

“That’s what I want in my life—to know His Will, be filled with all wisdom and spiritual understanding so I can live in a way that glorifies and pleases my dear Savior in all I do and say.”

If that’s your answer, read on, Pilgrim.

This Manna’s for you.

Did you realize Jesus, the Risen Lord, Who lives in your heart if you’ve been born again, has been “praying for you since that day (Heb. 7:24-25) and desires you to live that way”?

“He does?” the same desperate disciple asks.

Yes.  Right at this minute His Holy Spirit is “perfecting your prayers and praying God’s Will for your life with groaning that cannot be put into words” (Rom. 8:26).

He knows you want to “walk worthy (Grk. ‘axios’—‘appropriately, as becomes one, after a Godly sort, worthily, suitable, etc.’) and pleasing (Grk. ‘areskia’—‘agreeable, to be in compliance with, to arouse excitement, etc.’) to the Lord.”

And, there’s no one anywhere who wants you to succeed more than He does (Rom. 8:31).

Read those words again, Pilgrim.

Did you realize that?  Or maybe we should ask, “Do you believe that?”

“But, I’m so unworthy,” our despairing disciple says with tears in his/her eyes.

“Yes, you are,” says a Voice from Heaven.

“But, I’ll give you worth and help you walk worthily/pleasing since My Son, Jesus, now lives in your heart.  Quit trying to do things on your own.  Quit focusing on others or yourself.  Focus on Him instead.  Then, let Him live His life through you today.  That’s what pleases me—letting Jesus be Jesus in/through you.”

Why not spend a few minutes thanking the Lord for that, weary one?  Why not thank Him for His Grace that has saved you (past, present and future) and is sanctifying/sustaining you even as you read these words?  It’s all about Him.  All about Him.  Let Him love on you right now; then, go out today and let Him love on others through you.

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated December 4, 2009

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