Organic Church Movement Is Not A New Paradigm, But Going Back To New Testament Practices

I have read some blogs that are very cautious towards organic church movement. Of course everybody can always express their opinions. However, when I started to read these blogs, I think that it just seems that they were not able to grasp the main idea of Organic Church Movement.

First and foremost, Organic Church Movement is not another paradigm shift but it is a shift of going back towards the Biblical practices of worship, going back to the New Testament church ways. It is not “another new thing”, but going back to the Bible. This is similar to reformation though the big difference is, we are now living in a non violent world towards reformation.

Secondly, Organic Church Movement is not intended nor confined to merely house churches. Yes, we promote house churches, we promote simple worship that are Biblical, but it does not mean that true worship should be confined only in house churches. For starting churches, yes, we are to meet in the houses. But as these group grows continuously, time will come that a house will not be enough. So it will again have to move to another step which is to really to have a place of gathering where they fit.

After this, it is expected that the organic church will multiply itself. This is when the church is able to send out workers to start another church and even churches. The idea is, within an organic church, all the members are involve in evangelism, sharing the gospel to others and to other ministries. Thus, not only that the organic church movement is confined towards quantity focus, but especially to the quality.

To clarify this, let us discuss the quantity aspect. Organic Church though might have the idea of increasing the number of their churches, their goal is not towards “MEGA CHURCHES” but towards multiplicity of their churches. This means, that they increase in their numbers but only to a limited growth and not expanding and become mega churches. They have the idea of church multiplication. Members of Organic Church reaches out to the lost and starts a new church.

An Organic Church is alive.

Organic Church is Alive

Just a simple differentiation, try to identify a mega church. Inside this mega church, try to look on the activities of these mega churches. Are they for church multiplication? Or are they winning to add to their numbers? Is the ratio between members that reaches the lost higher than that of people who just sits and listen to the word and goes home doing nothing? These two questions are very important to identify whether or not our church is organic.

Third, Organic Church Movement is not intended to have no leader at all. I always believe that anyone can be a leader. When someone reaches other people and bring them to Christ, immediately they become a “discipler”, or let say a pastor to this person. Thus, he should be a good example in deed and in spiritual life. This is also where some church leaders have been very cautious towards Organic Church Movement.

Thus, when in a church, 90% of the membership reaches out the lost and bring them to Christ, they become spiritual leaders towards those that they ministered to. Organic Church does not promote hierarchical form of church polity, but fellowship towards each other. But please note that an Organic Church does not also abolish the respect towards the church leaders whom God appointed.

To clarify this, yes we have an overseer. But the work of an overseer is to train and equip others which in our case the believers, and to reach more people in the Lord. This means that overseer also have to multiply himself not to have the same authority inside the same church (which others have dangerously misunderstood), but to reach more people and train more people. The focus is therefore not to the humanly authority, but in reaching more and more people in the Lord.

This is now my own opinion and my appeal to some Organic Church Advocates, please be very careful in “over”emphasizing the loss of authority and the limited church growth. An idea of organic church is not this, but it is growing a healthy church, both in quantity and especially in quality. A more evangelical church is the vision of Organic Church, and not in church polity nor towards the growth alone. Over emphasis may dangerously cause misconceptions and a shift of paradigm. Let us always maintain a balance towards Biblical perspectives.

To my fellow “Church Leaders”, why not focus on things that may lead your church to grow not only in quantity but also in quality? If you are a part of a mega church, it is time to multiply yourselves by starting more churches, so on and so forth. This is no longer a time sit down and become merely listeners, but doers of the word. This time is a time of reaching out and becoming more serious in evangelizing the world and NOT to beautify and expanding your churches all the more. Hundreds of thousands of small churches need trainings and materials to train their people. Why not start helping them, and you yourselves will be involve in missions?

This is the time to be organic, time to be growing and developing to maturity like a real living creature.

Time is limited, the end is at hand, when are you going to wake up?

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