“For this God is our God forever and ever; He will be our Guide even unto death.”

Psalm 48:14

When we know He’s leading, we need not fear what happens along the way.

We all know that life here on earth is a journey.  From the time we’re born until the time of our earthly demise and departure, we’re all headed somewhere; the question is “Where?”

Some answer, “I don’t know, but I’ll know it when I get there.”

Others have developed their own “roadmap” (or plan for their lives—their goals & dreams) and are passionately pursuing it, letting nothing or no one stand in their way.

And, sometimes they make it; many times they don’t.

But, even if they fulfill all those dreams, there’s still a sense of lacking and longing for more, i.e., other mountains to climb, other goals to achieve, etc.

That’s why today’s Manna is such an important one if we, like Paul are to learn “how to be content in whatsoever state we’re in and how to both abound and be abased” (Phil. 4:11-12).  Thus, we’d do well to hear and heed the wise words from the anonymous author of this precious psalm.

The Hebrew word “nahag” is used here for “guide” and also means “to lead, drive forth, proceed, impel, etc.”  Thus, it’s the picture of a knowledgeable leader in charge of leading from one place to another.

And, isn’t that what we need/want, dear Pilgrim?

Most assuredly (except for those who are “self-made” individuals, whose mantra is “I did it my way”).

There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and aspirations; however, if those are not rooted in God’s Plan for our lives (Jer. 29:11-14), then we’ll find ourselves frustrated or even in opposition to God Himself.

The true “Secret of Success” is not found in accolades, achievements or acquisitions; it’s found in “seeking first God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness” (Mt. 6:33).  Only in our “trusting in Him with all our heart and not relying on our own wisdom can we rest assured that He will direct our paths” (Prov. 3:5-6).  Only then.

When we surrender to Him and say “Have Thine own way, Lord,” we will then know “this God is our God forever and ever and will be our Guide even unto death.”  Hallelujah!  Yes, from the womb to the tomb He will lead us, knowing “He knows the way that I take” (Job 23:10) and will use EVERYTHING in our lives for our good and His Glory (Rom. 8:28).

Again, the Key is letting Him be “our God and our Guide.”  No matter what obstacles we encounter. . .what mountains we climb or valleys into which we descend. . .He is there as “a very Present Help in trouble” (Ps. 46:10).  And, when our time here on earth is done, He “will be our Guide even unto/through death”—for He has already preceded us “as the Forerunner within the Veil” (Heb. 6:19-20; Ps. 23:4) and returned to say “All is well.  Follow Me.”  Glory!!

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated August 11, 2010

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